Besides performing, throughout the years I have been involved with other activities within the music spectrum of event organization, journalism & DJing.

Event Organization & DJing

Bisoul Promotions

An alternative events organization from 1999-2009 merging art with darkness! Diversity between events was a prerogative, different themed nights included classical music, holographic presentations, middle-age fashion shows and dark forms of underground music. Attendees knew know there was more than this and my nom de plume at this camp was DJ NecroGool! Check my playlists.


Rancid Soup

Rancid Soup Productions is a metal organization through which

  • I released two editions of Rancid Soup Zine
  • presented Rancid Soup Radio Show as DJ NecroGool
  • organized some music events, the pinnacle of which was Anathema Live in Malta (1995).
    You can follow the zine on Facebook or click the banner for samples of its pages the old school style!
I occasionally contribute reviews for the ever-expanding metal web resource that is Brutalism. Support the page and the radio podcast.

Rock City
I used to contribute with reviews in German to this mag. The English translation of same reviews appeared on the Maltese based now defunct Solemn web-zine by Maltese label Solemn Music.

Black Death Sydney
Black Death Fanzine
an A5 purely underground metal zine from Sydney, Australia to which I contribute with festival reviews, scene reports, and the occasional review.

Click the logos to check samples of my work! Enjoy the tour!