As of sometime in 2008, I started giving a helping hand to my metal brother Fabian in Sydney, Australia by writing articles for his A5 zine Black Death, a rag which in its short history of existence is gradually establishing itself as a small but significant voice for the metal underground in Sydney, with 5 issues to its credit so far!

Since mid-2009 contributions appear in advance online at

Check out my articles so far. If the text size is too small, please roll over thumbnails to enlarge (if viewing on mobile) or go here to view better on a desktop/tablet.

Malta Scene Report, pg 1

malta scene report by Malcolm Callus

Malta Scene Report, pg 2

Malta Scene Report 2 by Malcolm Callus

Hellfest 2008 Intro


Hellfest 2008 Day 1


Hellfest 2008 Day 2


Hellfest 2008 Day 3


Damnation Fest 2008, pg 1

Damnation Festival Day1_Malcolm_Callus

Damnation Fest 2008, pg 2

Damnation Festival Day2_Malcolm_Callus