Classical guitar lessons at mine/yours/centres (in London) or via skype (worldwide)

The classical guitar is mainly used for classical, Latin and flamenco styles, and is generally played with one’s fingers not a pick.

I give classical guitar lessons from beginner to intermediate level, from early music through to renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and 20th/21st century pieces.

I also teach flamenco, which is a different way of approaching the strings with the fingers, and calls for different techniques in addition to the above. Flamenco techniques and style make for a great accompaniment to classical guitar study.

I also teach how this can be used in most latin styles – from traditional bossa nova to nowadays Latin pop/rock.

Where are lessons held?
look right on PC/ scroll down on mobile for a list of 4 studios in SE16 & E1 where lessons are held, or I can visit you.

Topics covered in my classical guitar lessons
Reading music
Scales, arpeggios & broken chords
Aural training
Analysis & interpretation
Associated Board, Trinity Guildhall, or RGT exams (optional!)

Classical guitar lessons for beginners
My classical guitar lessons will guide you through the early stages of your playing. You will learn the correct posture and techniques, and how to read music from scratch. I have an effective way how beginners can read music with lots of fun and nothing to be afraid of!
We will quickly move on to scales, arpeggios and some simple pieces, before moving to many more options available, according to what you would like to learn most. More advanced techniques and music theory will be taught as they become relevant to the music that we are playing.

Classical guitar lessons for experienced guitarists
If you already play the classical guitar, I can help you take your playing to the next level. Do you play electric or acoustic but have never tried classical? No problem! I will teach you the more apt posture for playing the classical guitar in a comfortable sitting posture that becomes natural for the instrument, and how to read music, and certain techniques that are more relevant to the classic guitar.
I will ensure that you have a good grounding in the fundamentals. And together we shall explore how to listen to the essence of the music and bring the notes to live! After all notes are nothing if the essence on paper is not translated while playing.
Board exam syllabi come in handy towards reaching goals in a structured way, and hence make for effective learning tools, whether one wants to sit for an exam or not.

The steel string acoustic guitar is a different instrument.
Please visit my Acoustic guitar page for details.

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