Electric guitar lessons at mine/yours/centres (in London) or via skype (worldwide)

The electric guitar is the instrument that shaped any music from the 1950s onward! It can be strummed or picked with a plectrum (pick) or fingers, or a combination of both.
I give electric guitar lessons from beginner to advanced level. My performing avenues are mostly in the extreme metal, jazz and world music fields (see my Bands page) but I teach everything from blues & rock ‘n’ roll through rock, pop, indie, metal, jazz, and the lot.

During lessons, we can learn your fave songs. Or from time to time, I include a song to showcase a particular technique. However as a tutor my main goal is to always make you write your own songs better and not to cover others. Writing a book is a bigger skill than reading one!

Where are lessons held?
look right on PC/ scroll down on mobile for a list of 4 studios in SE16 & E1 where lessons are held, or I can visit you.

Topics covered in my electric guitar lessons
Scales, arpeggios, modes & chords
Rhythm & lead
Improvisation & theory
Rockschool & RGT exams
Reading music, TAB, chord charts etc
Playing in different styles
Much, much more!

Electric guitar lessons for beginners
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to start on the acoustic guitar! If you are into electric guitar music, and that is what drives you to want to learn to play – get yourself an electric guitar and start rocking out! The electric guitar is actually easier on your fingers than the acoustic due to the lower action, lighter string gauge, and smaller neck.

With total beginners, it usually takes a couple of lessons with exercises to warm up your muscles to use both your left and right hand with minimum effort. Effortless playing will be the key in all styles later! Once that is over and done with, we delve into some basic chords and strumming rhythms, adding in scales and soloing as we go.

As we go along, you as student are free to choose which area to specialize in (solo or rhythm), a decision usually called upon by your preferred style of music. Bits of music theory will be taught in a hands-on way, stripping it down to how to recall it effortlessly when playing. Hence, learning to read music notation can be taught if the student requests, but is not necessary at all.

Electric guitar lessons for experienced guitarists
Play already? My electric guitar lessons can help you to fill in some of the tricks that you may have missed along the years. Or you may need to work on replacing some old bad habits with some effortless thus more effective chops. Or you want to sight-read? Yes, this can be taught too! And effortlessly!

Perhaps you play well but don’t understand what you are playing? I can teach you how to ‘crack the code’. Learning where the notes are on the fretboard is a subject often missed by self-taught players. And how many possibilities this opens to play the same melodies in different positions.

Some people also come to me to improve their lead playing. I can teach you all about chords, scales and arpeggios and how they relate to each other – when to look at the guitar horizontally or vertically, according to the genre of music being played.

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