Rancid Soup Productions 1990-1998

Conceived as Malta’s first ever printed underground zine back in the early 90s, Rancid Soup later developed into a radio show & music event organisation. So I capped it all under one moniker of Rancid Soup Productions.

The zine eventually dissolved due to my involvement with Bisoul Promotions, keeping busy as a musician, and most of all, as e-zines started coming in. Yet here is this memoir in the form of some pictures from the zine, and in time, I will hopefully convert all radio shows to stream online.

Since having moved to London, I keep track of updates from bands featured back then, or anything that stirs my fancy in today’s different underground, at Rancid Soup’s Facebook. Do follow it for a stream of good music recommendations!

Meanwhile, enjoy some pages from both Rancid Soup issues by clicking on their covers!!!!

Rancid Soup Issue 1, June 1990

Rancid Soup Issue 2, June 1991

Anathema Live in Malta, July 1995

Too Loud for the Crowd, May 1998