Bass guitar lessons at mine/yours/centres (in London) or via skype (worldwide)

The bass guitar is the low end of any band in any style of music. Although traditionally played by the fingers, the development of technology and louder guitars has called upon bass players to also learn how to pick to be heard.
I give bass guitar lessons of all levels, taking you through patterns that are most common in varied contemporary styles, with a focus on patterns most present in your style of choice.

Where are lessons held?
look right on PC/ scroll down on mobile for a list of 4 studios in SE16 & E1 where lessons are held, or I can visit you.

Topics covered in my bass guitar lessons
Keeping the groove in different styles of music
Understanding & complimenting the drummer
Varied patterns by style
Accompaniment in varied styles
Plectrum & finger-style bass picking
Reading music, TAB & chord charts etc
Much, much more!

Bass guitar lessons for beginners
My bass guitar lessons will start you off with some basic patterns in pop and rock styles, before moving to more elaborate techniques and timings in other styles.

Bass guitar lessons for experienced players
Play already? My bass guitar lessons can help you to fill in some of the fundamentals that you may have missed along the years. You may need to address some bad habits or brush up some techniques.
Perhaps you already play well but don’t understand what you are playing? My lessons will teach you how to ‘crack the code’, and in turn start putting  bass lines together faster!

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