Reviews by students/parents about Cool Gool Music

“Malcolm’s lessons are never dull! He brings bags of enthusiasm to our lessons (think Jack Black’s character from School of Rock) which he balances with discipline and knowledge (think Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid). He’s helped me gain a better understanding of music and brought far more structure to my guitar playing..”
Alex Hawkes, electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm really understands what I want to learn and tailors the lessons to fit that.”
Graham Seabrook, electric guitar adult student

“Great teacher. Really understood how to teach me. Very organised & highly recommended.”
Emma Oriana Grewal, online acoustic guitar student

“Malcolm is a great and passionate teacher. Our lessons are very enjoyable and he has given me a great musical foundation upon which to build on. I taught myself before Malcolm to a certain level but Malcolm has pushed me way beyond the level I was at before I met him”- Alex Achikeh, electric guitar adult student

“My 7 year old son has been learning ukulele with Malcolm for around 1 year. He has made good progress and enjoys playing the ukulele. Malcolm is a great teacher.”
Sally Dowman, parent of ukulele kid student

“Invigorating, fun, structured & progressive. Malcolm encourages me to practice – I’ve seen a lot of improvement and can now improvise and solo in a way I hadn’t thought I would be able to. I’ve found someone to jam with as a result of the encouragement, learning and confidence Malcolm has given me. I really also enjoy the group lessons – jamming the blues in the park with Malcolm and my fellow students on a sunny evening was a great feeling.”
Rob Cruz, electric guitar adult student

“Wicked guitar tutor, I learned loads in a very short time!”
Greg Taylor, electric guitar adult student

“I found Malcolm via his website and I was seeing him for a few months to take 1 to 1 guitar lessons. He is very knowledgable and passionate about both music as a whole and guitar playing in particular. What’s more important, he really tries to give you the maximum value for your money and time, he is very organised and has created his own curriculum and materials which are all spot on! I had to cease with the lessons temporarily simply because my work wasn’t leaving me much time to practice but am intending to return to his tutoring as soon as I stop traveling for work so much. I recommend Malcolm’s tutoring services very much! If you have enough time to practice and do the homework he assigns to you, you will advance quickly!”
Tony Pavlov, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is an experienced guitarist and educator who can quickly evaluate skill level and understand how and what to teach. He is organized and methodical and pushes his students at necessary measure. As someone who has played guitar for a long time but has never been disciplined in my practice, I have found Malcolm to be a great instructor for me.”
Rick Ducott, acoustic guitar adult student

“I’ve been learning with Malcolm for a while now and enjoy it immensely. I really feel like I’m learning the techniques to play the style of music that I want to play and I can feel myself progressing in my preferred genres which is immensely satisfying.”
Graham Seabrook, online electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm is an amazing music teacher. Through his expert knowledge, he knows exactly when to push you, or when you need more assistance. With this skilled approach, you move along at a pace that is comfortable for you without ever feeling like you are out of your depth. For anyone who is looking to learn guitar or ukulele, you will find that Malcolm is a fantastic choice.”
Paul Gill, ukulele adult student

“Malcolm is a very energetic teacher. He makes each lesson interesting and challenging, with progression from week to week. He makes sure I’m challenged so my skills develop.”
Katy Shearer, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is a perceptive, engaging teacher, who I have found provides me with just the right level of challenge to continually improve without feeling totally out of my depth. He really knows his stuff, and often the reasons behind certain exercises and techniques aren’t immediately obvious, in short order they are thrown into sharp relief with a ‘Gotcha!’ moment. He’s constantly working with me at a challenging level, but not one which goes beyond my level of comprehension. I’m thankful we got back on track after an interruption of studies and can’t recommend him more highly.”
William Ayerst, online electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm is a very structured music teacher, which I like. I can see my progress, as the classes mount up. I would recommend him, especially for a beginner, like myself.”
– Lyn Hanrahan, bass guitar adult student

“Good fun, lively, fast paced learning, includes basics plus improvisation / soloing techniques – highly recommended .”
Rob Cruise, electric guitar adult student

“Perfect teacher for my metal playing. Thank you.”
Valentin Kratochvil, electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm is an enthusiastic and professional teacher. In the 9 months I have been having lessons with him my playing has improved so much that my girlfriend no longer has to leave the room when I practice! His teaching covers all aspects of acoustic guitar playing, chords, rhythm playing, theory, scales, arpeggios, and soloing. He encourages self expression in his teaching and his enthusiasm for his subject shows in approach to lessons. He encourages students to express themselves and to enjoy playing, as well as making sure that the fundamentals of theory and technique are in place. My confidence in my guitar playing has increased enormously in just 9 months of lessons.”
John Ford, acoustic guitar adult student

“Glad to be learning the guitar properly at long last! Really enjoying my sessions with Malcolm. Very organised and structured to help each individual from beginner level onward. Just signed up again for more lessons. Recommended.”
Martin Suffolk, acoustic guitar adult student

“A very enthusiastic, diligent and inspiring teacher. Keeps people engaged in the art of music, be it child or adult”
Bernardette Curley, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is a great teacher. I have tried learning for a while, but Malcolm was able to make it possible through providing a clear path of progression for me and loads of experience about what works in teaching. He gave me classes a couple years ago, then I went abroad for a while, returned and he gave me classes. I would recommend him strongly.”
Ashley Aarons, online electric guitar adult student

“Excellent guitar tuition method! I asked specifically to learn the basics of guitar (I already knew music theory & piano) in the direction of improvisation and Malcolm put me through the paces in a structured way, starting from exercises to strengthen the fingers and achieve correct position on the guitar, through scales and arpeggios onto advanced techniques. If you’re willing to back up each lesson with a few solid hours of practise, the Cool Gool method is definitely the best way to get you playing what you want to play!”
Dave Alan Caruana, electric guitar adult student

I started with Malcolm about 6 months ago through a friend. I had wanted a guitar teacher for a while but I wanted a teacher with the right skill set that could teach the specifics I wanted for my career. He has been a very supportive tutor and I find things clicking better with each session. I highly recommend Malcolm to anybody who is deeply serious about their craft in guitar and he can take you to the next level.”
Evan Williams, acoustic guitar adult student

“If you are ready to put in the work, Malcolm will help you get to where you want to be in no time. In less than a year I have made astonishing progress and keep getting better. Definitely the guy to see if you’re serious about learning the guitar properly.”
Andre` Spiteri, online electric guitar adult student

Malcolm is very passionate about music and the progress of his students and always goes to great lengths to ensure I understand and enjoy playing guitar. Always very friendly and patient with me in the lessons, all in all he is a great teacher and guitar player all round. I can’t ask for a better teacher.”
Daphne Kamara, electric & acoustic guitar teen student

“I’ve been learning with Malcolm for many years now and I am very pleased with how I’ve progressed. The lessons are very flexible and you get out as much as you want to put in. You may want to just do group classes once every few weeks, or intensive studies several times a week. There is something for everyone at every level. I definitely recommend.”
Sam Taffs, electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm is an excellent professional, committed and hard-working person, that makes sure his students’ goals are achieved. He is very enthusiastic and you can see he loves playing and teaching guitar, so that encouraged me to practice more and more. It was a pleasure to go to his classes, and if I was in London I would definitely continue attending them.”
Maria Presencia, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is an excellent teacher. He is a very talented musician who clearly knows his subject and the guitar very well. Always enthusiastic and encouraging. I learnt a lot in 8 months.”
Alok Gupta, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm has proved to be an inspiration to my son and has provided him with a solid framework in guitar which I hope he will be able to build upon over many years. Nobody ever forgets a good teacher and we will definately not forget Malcolm”
Caroline Bittar, parent of acoustic guitar kid student

“Malcolm is a dedicated Guitar tutor. I spent only 2 months with him – his dedication and focus helped with my Grade 6 guitar exam.”
Kumar Abraham, electric guitar adult student

“My experience has been great – I have learnt a lot more with Malcolm than with my previous two teachers combined!”
Henry Brewer, electric guitar teen student

“I started with Malcolm to finally learn guitar. I’m a trained musician (piano, brass), and I can play by ear. I messed around with guitar but wanted to finally play properly. Malcolm’s approach is strong on technique, but you soon see the purpose – follow his method and put in some effort, and you’ll be equipped with the skills to make your own music! It works. I know music, and I’m very demanding of myself. But I recently recorded myself, and I was surprised. That’s me? I now honestly feel like I can actually play! I’m having more fun than ever and I continue to improve. In short, if you want to learn to play, call Malcolm!”
George Stein, electric guitar adult student

“Being originally a banjo player, and largely autodidact at that, I was never taught how to play the guitar properly. I’m learning something new every time now and lessons are good fun!”
Peter de Bont, electric guitar adult student

“He is clear and direct but at the same time laid back in his teaching. Which makes learning with him very fulfilling and a whole lotta fun. Rock on!”
Tristan Barraclough, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm makes learning fun & enjoyable, using his crazy humour to help remembering things much easier. Would highly recommend to others.”
Kemal Sumelman, electric guitar adult student

“Clearly explains technique & is patient with me when I do not do my homework. Overall, allows me to freely express myself to learn at the rate I am comfortable with.”
Amit Chatterjee, electric guitar adult student

“Amazing! Just when I thought I couldn’t get any better I’ve been booted into the right direction of greatness by Malcolm. Top stuff!!”
Dave Christmas, electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm explains the theory and techniques in an easy to understand way so you can get on with rocking!”
Andy Langthorne, electric guitar adult student

“Learning with Malcolm is great! He is encouraging and friendly and a great boost for anyone wanting to learn but lacking a bit of confidence.”
Eljay Lambert, electric guitar adult student

“Malcolm has been a great help! An awful lot of work but my playing is light years ahead of where we started. Good clean fun!”
Mike Sledge, electric & acoustic guitar adult student

“Great! He was the reason I stepped up from classical guitar to rockin out on my electric! A great and dedicated teacher!”
Norbert Scicluna, electric guitar teen student

“Malcolm teaches very well. He is very expressive so his class is always entertaining & never boring.”
Marko Mosquera, electric guitar teen student

Guus Hoovenaars, electric guitar adult student

“Brilliant. Took up guitar to see how it goes, and Malcolm has convinced me to continue.”
– Dave Gasson, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is great fun – knows his stuff and even more his metal! That is exactly what I was looking in a guitar teacher”
– Ashley Naismith, electric guitar adult student

“I’ve been studying with Malcolm for over two years now and can highly recommend his lessons. I had a very, very basic understanding of the guitar when I started and Malcolm helped me use that to get up to grade 5 fairly quickly. Although I’ve slowed down a little recently due to other commitments, I plan to continue studying and hope to move up to grade 6 and beyond in 2015. If you’re looking to get started, or to improve your technique, then I’d certainly recommend lessons with Cool Gool.”
Chris Roos, electric guitar adult student

“Structured but fun! Been with him for over 2 yrs so that says something.”
Matt Koss, electric guitar adult student

“Wonderful teacher! Very passionate for music and patient with my slow learning.”
Pavan Kumar, acoustic guitar adult student

“Malcolm is easy-going & approachable. He makes lessons fun and interesting”
– Daniel Bellington, acoustic guitar adult student

“It is fun and interesting, and at a good pace.”
– Damilola Hassan, acoustic guitar adult student

“Awesome rockstar! I want to be like him.”
– Sid Kumar, acoustic guitar kid student

“Hardworking but in a fun way!”
– Stanley Temple, electric guitar teen student

“It’s cool – I get a lot out of it and I find it really fun!!!
– Max Meherin, electric guitar kid student

“He constantly pushes me to get better (although I might hate him a little for it hehe!)”
– Richard Harper, electric guitar adult student

“Fun, but serious at the same time.”
– Rowland Phillips, electric guitar adult student

“Brilliant! I’ve learnt so much over the past few months, and I really enjoy his lessons.”
– Zuhan Ahmed, electric guitar teen student